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Melbourne-based commercial locksmiths and security solutions for your business.

As full members of the Master Locksmiths Association, you can be assured that your security needs will be taken care of in an expert, professional & friendly manner. We service all Melbourne-wide commercial clients, small firms, body corporates, real estate agents, police and government.

We supply and install a wide range of digital locks and keypads, fingerprint readers, magnetic locks, and electric strikes. We are exit door compliance specialists and are SCEC endorsed.

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David Cowley of Precision Locksmiths is the winner of the combined 2020/2021 John Andrew Apprentice of the Year competition

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Precision Locksmiths are proud to be part of the Master Locksmiths Association. Precision Locksmiths have Private Securities registration.

Melbourne’s friendly and professional locksmith service for your home.

Whether you’ve recently moved house, lost your keys or are locked out of your home, our friendly tradesmen have the experience and qualifications to repair, replace or rekey your locks to ensure your home is safe and secure.

We can supply and repair all types of domestic locks, including key safes, padlocks, roller door locks, window locks, letterbox locks, and much more.

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Locked out? We provide fast emergency locksmith services.

If you’re locked out of your home or office, we’ll get you back in – any day of the week. We provide a rapid, emergency response service to all residential and commercial lockouts. Our dedicated locksmith service will also help you gain access to your home or business – any day of the week.

Our emergency locksmith services include, residential and commercial lockouts, rekeying existing locks, installation of new locks, and lock repairs.

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When should locks be replaced or changed?

Different people are comfortable with different levels of home security, so the answer will be different for different people.

The most common time people change locks is after being locked out and calling a locksmith to let them in to their home or business. Fortunately we are able to offer responsive locksmith services in Melbourne so we’re able to meet urgent needs for locks to be replaced in Greater Melbourne including surrounding suburbs. However, there are several other times when you might want to plan to have your locks replaced: 

  • when moving into a new residence – there is no way of knowing who has held keys to your new home or business in the past, or whether any keys have been lost or stolen. Some landlords automatically re-key locks at the end of each lease but it’s always worth checking. 
  • other changes in occupancy – from divorce or family separation to changing tenants in a share house, sometimes you’ll want to make sure someone no longer has access to your locks.
  • when there are too many different keys – some houses have different keys for front and back doors, garages and sometimes different keys for different windows, a locksmith can re-key all your doors and windows to work from a single key.
  • If you have damaged locks or keys – sometimes you can see that a lock or key won’t last much longer, or is becoming difficult to use. Having it replaced before it breaks can save the hassle and expense of having to call an after-hours locksmith.
  • after a burglary or if your security has been compromised – if your home or business has been broken in to one of the first things you should do is get your locks changed
Do new locks have to be installed? What is the difference between re-keying and replacing locks?

If your locks are un-damaged often they don’t have to be replaced; they can just go through a process known as re-keying. The actual barrels of the lock are left in place, the pins inside the lock are re-configured and you are given new keys to suit the new configuration. Think of re-keying like changing the password on a computer – the security system stays the same, it’s just the password (in this instance a key) that changes. 

Re-keying is usually cheaper than replacing whole locks but may not be possible if your locks are damaged. This is why it’s recommended you don’t attempt to pick your locks if you’ve lost keys or locked yourself out.

Are digital and code locks as safe as traditional key systems?

Different locks have their own advantages and disadvantages. Keys can be lost or stolen, passwords can be overheard or seen. Your preference might come down to whether you think you are more likely to lose a key or forget a password, but the actual locking mechanisms that are installed can be very similar no matter how they’re opened. The level of security will depend on your particular choice of lock not whether it’s digital or mechanical. We stock digital deadbolts, mechanical deadlatches, fingerprint scanners and a range of domestic and commercial solutions. We can talk you through the benefits and disadvantages of each system. There are some additional considerations with electronic locks, such as changing batteries but there are also many code locks that do not require power.  Codes or passwords can usually be changed easily without a locksmith, so if you want to regularly change your locks to maintain security digital locks may be a more convenient solution than calling a locksmith to re-key your locks.