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Fast commercial locksmith and security solutions for your business, throughout Melbourne.

Precision are experts in commercial locksmith solutions. As full members of the Master Locksmiths Association, you can be assured that your security needs will be taken care of in an expert, professional & friendly manner. We service all commercial clients including small firms, body corporates, real estate agents, police and government Melbourne-wide! From corner stores to Victoria Police and the Reserve Bank of Australia, Precision Locksmiths are equipped to handle your requirements.

We supply and install a range of commercial-grade solutions including Access Control Systems, Master Key Systems and a wide range of digital locks and keypads, fingerprint readers, magnetic locks, and electric strikes. Furthermore, we are exit door compliance specialists and are SCEC (Security Construction and Equipment Committee) endorsed.


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A commercial locksmith that can open, re-key, repair, and replace all types of locks

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  • Our commercial locksmith team can supply and install a wide range of digital locks and keypads, fingerprint readers, magnetic locks and more.
  • Servicing all of Greater Melbourne including Werribee, St Kilda, Altona, Footscray and beyond.

We have experience installing commercial-grade locks and a range of security systems across a variety of businesses throughout greater Melbourne, and our commercial locksmiths are well-informed about the relevant national, state and local government planning regulations that will affect the security options available to your business. 

We stock a broad range of high-quality products from global manufacturers like Borg and Suprema, as well as Australian brands like Lockwood that produce their keys and locks right here in Melbourne

Commercial Lock Systems

Lockwood Commercial Locks

Master & Restricted Key Systems

  • Lockwood Gen6

    With a wide range of applications, the Lockwood Generation Six restricted...

  • Lockwood Twin

    This high end restricted system is patent protected, has dual pinning...

  • Master Keys

    Master keying systems are used for commercial applications so that you can...

  • Security Edge

    This high end restricted system is patent protected, has dual pinning...

Commercial Padlocks

Commercial Gate Security

  • High Security Chain

    We carry a range of heavy duty bolt cutter resistant chain, please contact us for more information.

  • Gate Guards

    The Carbine Gate Guard also has added protection against attack using protective flanges to shield your lock.

  • Gate Locks

    We can install a wide variety of gate locks to suit your requirements.

Commercial Digital Locks

Other Commercial Solutions

  • Three Point Locking

    This 3 point locking system is suitable for doors where egress only is required.

  • ADI Bolts

    Commercial door bolts, suitable for us in Shop fronts, community halls...

  • Door Closers

    A range of adjustable power door closer units suitable for architectural...

  • Safes

Commercial Keys

Exit Door Regulations

Do your Exit doors comply with the Building Code of Australia?

We can assess and quote on upgrading or replacing your door locks to ensure they are compliant. We can also provide a written compliance report on your exit doors.

If deadlocks and panic bolts need to be removed, other security options such as three-point locks can be installed that do comply. Contact us by phone or email for more information.

  • Precision Locksmiths specialise in exit door and fire door regulations and compliance. We have conducted seminars and have been heavily involved in the development of new products that offer better security, but still comply with the Building Code of Australia.
  • Over the last 15 years, we’ve kept in regular contact with both Melbourne City Council and the Victorian Building Authority to ensure that our knowledge is accurate and up-to-date.

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Commercial Locksmith FAQs

What lock system is best for shopfront security?

There are a multitude of factors you need to consider when you’re installing locks for your business. These include:

  • How many people need keys or access to the locks? You’ll have to consider the business’s security needs. If you have relatively few employees, it could be easy enough to track keys and who has a copy. If you have many employees, high staff turnover or contractors or external stakeholders accessing your building often, a lock with a password that can be changed regularly, or a control access system with swipe cards that track who is present may be a safer way to secure your business. 
  • Safety and planning issues – There are strict regulations on the types of doors and locks for commercial buildings. The Building Code of Australia specifically states that safety takes precedence over security. This does not mean you can’t create very secure premises, but you must take care when planning things like emergency and fire exits (see below for more information).
  • The type and position of the doors – The size, weight and type of door will all affect what lock will be most suitable for your site. Heavy-duty locks often require thick, heavy doors, and these doors may also need higher-powered door closing mechanisms. The material your doors are made from may also determine the type of locks that can be attached, with different locks suited better to metal or wood surfaces. Some locks, such as ADI Bolts can be affixed to both swinging and sliding doors, others are not so universal.
  • Power – Some digital password locks require batteries, most strike and magnetic locks require AC or DC power. You will have to consider if you want your locking systems to be powered, and if so, what will happen to them if they lose power – you may want them to automatically unlock or lock in a blackout or when there’s a flat battery. 

A commercial locksmith can assist you to select the right solution for your business needs.

What are the rules for fire doors and emergency exits and disabled access?

There are national and state regulations on not just the emergency exits to a building, but also any doors that open in to the area that an emergency exit door services (these are known as path of travel doors). As mentioned above it is law that safety takes precedence over security, and all doors in commercial facilities must be reasonably easy to access for people with disabilities, and in emergency situations. These laws mean businesses can’t have multiple locks on doors, they must all be lever access (or a push bar, they cannot be door knobs) and must all be within a certain height range (between 900 and 1100mm from the finished floor level).

Fire doors, such as those that open into a fire-proof stairway or tunnel, must be fitted with automatic door-closers so they don’t have to be shut manually in an emergency escape situation. 

The laws surrounding emergency exits can be ambiguous, and are often open to interpretation. – there are references to doors being openable for people with burns, or wet or sweating hands, and for someone carrying or dragging an injured person. A consultation with an experienced commercial locksmith for your business can ensure all your doors and exits fit within the regulations for your local council in Melbourne, as well as complying with state and national laws. 

What is the difference between fail-safe and fail-secure?

When you’re looking at electronic or digital locks, you will often come across these two terms. They determine what happens to your locks during a blackout or after a battery runs flat. 

  • Fail-safe (which is sometimes called fail-open, or power to lock) means the lock requires power to lock the door. If power is lost, the door will remain unlocked, which you may want for doors that need to be accessed in emergency situations.
  • Fail-Secure (or power to open) locks require power to unlock the door. If power is lost, then the door will remain locked.

Often magnetic door locks will be fail-safe, and strike locks will be fail-secure, however some models are flexible and allow you to select between the two options. 

Speak with our commercial locksmiths for personalised advice.

Can your commercial locksmith team work outside business hours?

We are available seven days a week and offer emergency services outside business hours, so we can complete urgent work on commercial locks on weekends or whenever your business in the Melbourne region requires.