Restricted Key Systems Melbourne

Restricted Key Systems are the ultimate way to prevent key copying and secure your home or business.

A restricted key system is a very safe way to ensure your keys can’t simply be duplicated. By utilising a patent system, only authorised persons can request these keys, and only specially authorised sellers supply them meaning that regular key cutters will not be able to cut them.

By having a restricted key system, you are able to have much better control over your home or business’s access points. There are various levels of security when it comes to these systems, and the patent will cover some or all of the system including the grooves in the key and the mechanical workings of the system.

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Restricted Key systems are suitable for all kinds of clients

If you are a landlord or property manager, a restricted key system ensures tenants are not able to create unapproved copies of the keys, given you total control and tracking over the number of keys in possession by the tenant.

A business owner is able to restrict the availability to all keys to only those nominated or authorised to order keys, affording you peace of mind when it comes to this one, often-overlooked aspect of your business’s security.

Homeowners alike can be sure that if taking guests on Airbnb or other short-term rental sites that guests cannot duplicate the keys. 98% of homes in Australia utilise the outdated ‘in line pin cylinder’ key system which is easily breached.

Restricted key systems are the industry standard in higher level security commercially, industrially and residentially. They are a very cost-effective solution to have better control of your home or business.

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