Garage & Roller Door Locks

We stock a range of high-quality Garage & Roller Door Locks in Melbourne

Precision Locksmiths are your local supplier of Garage and Roller Door locks in Melbourne. Our friendly and professional team can assist you in selecting the ideal lock for your needs, and install it for you should you require it.

Roller doors require a special kind of lock that ensures security from the outside, and a simple method of exit from the inside. The internal latch ensures that you can quickly and easily unlock and open the door as needed without using a key. This means it can be easily locked from the inside without a key once your car has been parked safely. It’s also useful in storage shed applications and other areas that need roller doors.

A/V1 and A/V2


  • Key operation in Front
  • Latch operation from rear
  • Fascia wraps around the rib on the door
  • 19mm arm throw
  • Silca LF27 keyway and key is removable in horizontal position only
Garage Door Lock A/V1 and A/V2

Roller Door Lock - A/V


  • Double grip
  • 19mm  arm through
  • External key operation
  • Internal latch operational at all times
Roller Door Lock A/V3