Letter Box & Filing Cabinet Locks

We Cut Keys for Letterboxes, Filing Cabinets, Cupboards and Lockers

Some keys for letterboxes, filing cabinets, cupboards, and lockers can be cut by code. The code is often stamped on the barrel of the lock or onto the key itself. We can post these keys out to you by Express Post, Registered Mail, or by Courier upon request.

To confirm if you can have a key cut by code, please email us a photo of the lock or the key.

NOTE: Keys cut to code cannot be guaranteed to work – if the code has been stamped wrong, code quoted incorrectly, lock is broken, or has been rekeyed, these keys may not work. There is no refund for keys cut to code if they do not work

High Security Letterbox Locks

Quite often letterboxes can be an easy target for criminals. This is due to the lack of security of the lock and the letterbox itself. If you have had your letterbox broken into or tampered with, we would suggest using a higher security lock with aluminium reinforcement. Take a look at the pictures below of letterboxes with increased security.

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