Change & Rekey Locks Melbourne

Enhance your security by rekeying your locks

Have you recently purchased a property and aren’t sure who may hold sets of keys? Our rekeying service can restore security to your property by ensuring old keys no longer work and only new keys that you are provided will grant access to your property.

What is rekeying?

To put it simply, our professional team of Melbourne-based locksmiths will remove your door locks and replace the pins inside the lock that make up your unique key combination. The new pins will result in a  brand new key combination, rendering the old keys ineffective in gaining access to this lock.

We’ll then cut keys for the new combination, so only your new sets of keys will be able to open the lock. We’ll of course reinstall the locks so everything looks as though we’ve never been there!

Reasons to rekey locks:

  • Purchasing a property
  • Your keys were lost or stolen
  • You’ve acquired a new business premises
  • Flatmate/house mate has moved out
  • Dispute with a family member or former house occupant who has a set of keys
  • You’re unsure who holds a set of keys and want to be safe
  • The property has been a holiday let in the past

Is that different to changing locks?

Yes – changing locks involves replacing the entire mechanism. For example, let’s say you don’t like the brushed nickel look of your existing locks, and you want to replace them with something brass-toned. We would remove the lock mechanism completely, and replace it with a new one – ensuring it fits perfectly.

It may also be necessary if you have faulty locks that aren’t doing the job due to age or damage. You may also want to enhance the security on this particular door by installing a better quality lock with improved security features. Not sure what type of lock is right for you? Refer to our infographic to assist you in choosing the correct lock.

Reasons to change locks:

  • You’re unhappy with the look of your existing locks
  • Your locks are damaged or faulty
  • You want to change the type of lock
  • You need a higher level of security

How much does rekeying and changing locks cost?

Rekeying is relatively affordable as it does not require an entirely new lock system. Depending on the number of locks and type of locks may impact the price. We recommend you give us a call to discuss your needs.

Changing locks on the other hand will cost more as it requires the purchase of new locks which range in price based on the type, quality and material of the new lock. We stock a wide range of locks which can range from affordable to premium. To discuss what you’re looking for and get a quote, give us a call or send us an enquiry, and a member of our professional locksmithing team in Melbourne will give you a hand.