Weather resistant and Marine grade padlocks


Precision Locksmiths carry a wide variety of padlocks from small letterbox locks to high security marine grade padlocks. Used to secure gratings, doors, gates, cupboards, tool boxes, cellar windows, sheds, switchboards, barriers etc. We specialize in commercial grade padlocks and high security padlocks. We carry Lockwood and Abus brands. Padlocks can be keyed onto Power Industry cylinders, Restricted or Master key systems.  We can post or courier out individual or bulk orders of padlocks.

ABUS 83Wp Series

The ABUS 83WP Series padlocks are weather protected, steel bodied padlocks with a plastic cover. It differs from similar styled weather protected padlocks in that the body is solid steel, not laminated steel.


  • 57 mm solid steel lock body with Nano-Protect™ plating.
  • Special alloy steel shackle with Nano-Protect™ plating
  • 28 mm shackle as standard.
  • Compatible with most restricted keying profiles
  • Easily converted from snap shut to key captive function