Types of Door Locks: Your Comprehensive Guide

Types of Door Locks: A person unlocks a smartlock with a phone app

The security of our homes and businesses is an important factor when deciding on the most suitable locking system for your entry doors.

Located in the bustling heart of Melbourne, Precision Locksmiths Melbourne understands the importance of good locks. Thus, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to navigate you through the maze of door lock types!

What are the Different Types of Door Locks?

Let’s start with the basics. There are several types of door locks available – each with unique features and benefits. These are the most common types you’ll find in Australia. We’ve also provided some detail around the price, security and availability of these lock types.

Key-in-knob/Key-in-lever Locks

Types of door lock pictures: Key in knob

These are among the most commonly found locks, especially in residential areas. Their mechanism is quite straightforward: the lock is integrated into the doorknob or door lever itself.

  • Price: Generally affordable and widely available.
  • Security: Moderate; it’s recommended to pair these with another lock type for enhanced security.
  • Availability: Almost ubiquitous, found in most hardware or home improvement stores.
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Deadbolts, Deadlocks, and Deadlatches

Types of locks for doors: Deadbolt

These locks provide an added layer of security and are often used alongside key-in-knob systems.

Deadbolt: Features a solid, rectangular latch that slides into a corresponding frame recess.

Deadlock: Similar to deadbolts, but if the door is closed, it can only be opened with a key from both the inside and outside.

Deadlatch: Combines the features of a deadlock and a spring bolt. The latch can be retracted with a key from the outside or by a knob from the inside.

  • Price: Ranges from affordable to high-end, based on the make and model.
  • Security: Offers high security; deadlocks, in particular, deter forced entries.
  • Availability: Widely available in stores and with locksmith services.

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Keyless Entry/Smart Locks

Types of locks: Smartlock

Welcome to the future of door security! These use electronic components to unlock doors, often controlled through smartphones or keypads.

  • Price: On the pricier side, given their technological components.
  • Security: Highly secure, often coming with features like encryption and activity logging.
  • Availability: Increasingly available as technology becomes more integrated into homes.

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Mortice Locks

Lock Types: Mortice Lock

A mortice lock requires a pocket—the mortice—to be cut into the door where the lock is fitted. These locks are often considered more secure because of their concealed nature.

  • Price: Generally more expensive due to intricate installation.
  • Security: High, given its concealed and robust design.
  • Availability: Available at specialised locksmiths and some larger hardware stores.

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What Type of Door Lock is Most Secure?

While all locks provide a degree of security, deadlocks and high-end smart locks are generally considered the most secure. Deadlocks, especially when used in tandem with another lock type, provide a robust defence against forceful entries. Meanwhile, advanced smart locks offer features like encryption and biometric recognition, adding layers of digital security.

What Type of Lock is Best for the Front Door?

For front doors, a combination of a deadlock and a key-in-knob/key-in-lever lock often works best. This provides dual layers of security, with the deadlock acting as a robust deterrent against break-ins. For those keen on technology and willing to invest more, a smart lock can be an excellent addition or alternative, ensuring digital monitoring and advanced security features.

Should I Get an Electric Door Lock?

Electric (or electronic) door locks, which encompass most smart locks, offer a plethora of benefits:

  • Convenience: No need for physical keys; unlocking can be done via smartphones or key codes.
  • Enhanced Security: Options like biometric recognition and encryption make them hard to tamper with.
  • Monitoring: Some advanced models allow you to track who’s entering or leaving in real-time.

However, they come at a steeper price and may require professional installation. Consider your needs, budget, and the value you place on the added convenience and security features before deciding.

Where should I buy door locks?

From the charming streets of Melbourne to the expensive Australian suburbs, the security of our spaces is integral. The right door lock not only protects our possessions but gives us peace of mind. 

Whether you’re leaning towards traditional locks or considering an upgrade to smart technology, Precision Locksmiths Melbourne is here to guide and serve you.

We supply and install a range of high-quality locking systems – a locksmith will guide you in your decision-making process, select the most suitable product and install it correctly for a competitive price.

Speak to our locksmiths today.


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